The 6th Food Awards Scotland 2019 awarded top suppliers, servers and manufacturers across Scotland’s hospitality industry. The event took place at the Glasgow Marriott Hotel on Monday 26th August.
The awards celebrated top entrepreneurs who run some of the best restaurants, takeaways, pubs, hotel restaurants, cafes and bistros creating thousands of jobs and driving Scotland’s economy.

The awards included a wide range of accolades from Restaurant of the Year and Chef of the Year to Cooking School of the Year among others.  The Waterfront, Inverness was in attendance at the award ceremony where it was announced to their delight, they won Best in the North in the Gastro Pub category.

To win this award three years in a row is testament to the skills of both Roz our head chef and Jamie our restaurant manager who have strived to cultivate such an harmonious environment, which not only allows creative expression but has an emphasis on a family and fun approach, keeping more or less the same brigade throughout. We feel it’s this continuity which has endeared us to our customers both old and new, and are hopeful that we can continue to meet and exceed their expectations going forward.

Creative Oceanic has hosted award ceremonies for nearly a decade in cities across the world. These include Belfast, Dublin, Toronto, London, Glasgow, Cardiff, Manchester Leicester, Birmingham and is soon launching in New York. Creative Oceanic has delivered Food Awards for 6 years in Belfast, London, Glasgow, Cardiff and Manchester.
CEO Irfan Younis said: “Congratulations to all winners and finalists at the 6th Food Awards Scotland 2019. We welcomed and rewarded some of the best in the Scottish Food industry who serve us up some of the tastiest food, enhance our culture, deliver top quality customer service and provide us with some of the best banter around. All winners and finalists should feel immensely proud as the competition was tough this year.
We commit to continue pushing businesses and professionals forward to showcase themselves and get the recognition they deserve.”

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