It’s our job to make sure your party is a great success. To do this we have some conditions that we ask you and your guests respect to help us make the night go as smoothly as possible.

It’s YOUR party, but OUR house & OUR rules.


• All persons who intend to consume or have been consuming alcohol, either prior to arrival or during the function must be over 18.
Those persons under 25 will be required to produce a valid photographic id, failure to do so will result in refusal of entry or removal from the function.
• Photographic ID of the person is required before final confirmation particularly where it is an 18th a photocopy of the person’s passport or driving licence should be included with the return slip.
• If the person is not 18 on the day of the party then they will not be able to consume alcohol during the event.
• All young guests, (those that look under 25), will be asked to provide photographic ID (passport or driving licence only). Once confirmed they will be issued with a wristband. Any of your younger guests without a wristband, will not be served at the bar and if
found with alcohol it will be confiscated without compensation – with NO EXCEPTIONS.
Any Person UNDER 18 OR UNDER 25 WITH NO VALID ID who are suspected of consuming alcohol or being intoxicated WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO ENTER OR STAY AT THE PARTY – with NO EXCEPTIONS and exclusion decisions ARE FINAL.
• We may use breathalysers to assess where someone underage has consumed alcohol. Refusal to engage in a test will result in the individual being removed from the function.

Dress Up Time

• The hall will be open for you and your guests from 7.30pm
• You are welcome to dress up the premises with banners and other materials – WE DON’T ALLOW USE OF CONFETTI, THUMB TACS and SELLOTAPE as these damage wall coverings. Everything needs to be attached using blue tac Payments
• Final booking confirmation will only be on the receipt of the full payment by the due date, deposits of £20 minimum will be required to secure all bookings. To that point only a provisional booking will be made.
• Payments can be made directly at the premises you have booked or by calling our credit/debit card line (01389) 757988

Security & Other Issues

• Licensing rules will apply to all functions at all times. Our security staff will have final say on all matters of safety and security.
• The music policy during the event is determined by the person making the booking, if DJs are not playing the music to suit your guests please inform them. Only our DJ’s are permitted – no private dj, mc, live bands or any other person is permitted to perform.
• Management reserves the right to amend these conditions, providing notification is given to bookings already made.
• Our private functions are exclusively for family events only. Bookings with NO FAMILY MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE WILL BE CANCELLED and no refunds given.
• Events are not permitted to be advertised in any open invitation media form and should be by direct individual invitations only.
• Open invitations via TV, Radio, press and internet advertising (facebook or other social media sites) are prohibited and will result in bookings being terminated with NO REFUNDS
• Any Persons currently excluded from our premises or covered by a local pubwatch ban will not be allowed entry to the party.
• Management reserve the right to terminate any party or function which has deemed to have breached these rules at ANY TIME WITHOUT A REFUND.
• Parties may be ended earlier if management has safety or security concerns –no refunds apply.
• Guests will be held liable for any damages caused to fixtures or fittings.
• Where a buffet is provided by someone other than us a FOOD HYGIENE DISCLAIMER will require to be completed